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Web Design and Developer from Bangalore.

Is Passionate about Drupal and ensures quality in my Output.
  • Birla Kerala Vaidyashala
  • Built by Belief
  • Space 'n' Spice
  • Jnanamudra Montessori Materials
  • Amba Research
  • Wipro Furniture
  • Da Design
  • Hyknotix
  • e-Buggy - Prevalence Green Solution
  • PowerOneData International
  • Sureworks
  • Leopard Docks
  • Carmen Keller Designs
  • Dimensions
  • Farma

Designing Web!

Designing a website is more of aesthetics than the technical task involved in that. Being a programmer for more than 10 years and having artistic touch from my childhood, I can design visually appealing and professional websites. I extensively study the clients business, that ensures, what client wants from his website, and fulfil his entire requirements. My goal is to provide client with right tool to compete in his business and achieve all of his full business goals.

Developing Web!

I have experience in Customization of Content Management such as Drupal and wordpress. Over more than 10 years of programming experience has helped me to learn new technologies very fast. Also I have in-depth knowledge of Web application development, using tools like PHP. I have worked with major clients across globe to develop website according to their business requirements.

Graphics & Multimedia!

To make it clear, I am more Web Designer and developer than graphic designer, but still I can help clients with Branding of their business, this involves building strong business strategy and design solutions. This includes, Logo Design, Designing Marketing Collateral such brochures, flyers etc. I can also do Multimedia work such as product presentations, e-learning and Interactive CD Presentation.

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